Where to Find Best Internet Marketing Posts

No doubts about it, there are lots of top Internet marketing blogs and Internet marketing forums out there today that one can find the best Internet marketing posts, but what if there’s better? Instead of visiting individual blogs and forums, what if one could just visit one site and get all the best Internet marketing posts from all the best blogs and forums?

That’s what Kingged.com seems to be doing.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it does look like a lot has already being done. You can find the latest top Internet marketing and making money online posts on this site.

It is a an Internet marketing social bookmarking site as well as an Internet marketing social networking site.

As a social bookmarking site, users can share top posts they find from other top Internet marketing blogs and they can also enjoy the posts shared by others.

As a social networking site, users can network with each other using all the common networking features that other social networking sites use.

One very good thing about Kingged.com is that users are able to vote up (king) or vote down (unking) any post they find on the site, depending on whether the post is good (king) or bad (unking). The good posts being voted move to the top and get to the front page. There are other factors, though, that determine whether a post gets to the front page or not.


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